Client: German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Workshop Locations: El Kods School; Ard Al-Liwa, Cairo

Kobbet El Hewa School; Shubra, Cairo

Date: September 22 – October 3, 2012

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Learn-Move-Play-Ground; improving courtyards of public primary schools in Cairo was a summer school initiated and organized by Barbara Pampe and Vittoria Capresi (GUC, Architecture and Urban Design Program) in cooperation with Susanne Hofmann and the Baupiloten (TU Berlin) and Omar Nagati (CLUSTER Cairo), and fully financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The summer school aimed at improving the courtyards of two schools in Cairo; El Kods School in Ard al-Liwa and Kobbet el Hewa School in Shubra. For 12 days, 11 students from Germany and 25 from Egypt worked together with the children, teachers of the schools and the team, to find out how to translate the dreams of the children in playing elements. Using bricks, concrete, wood and large concrete tubes, they created different spaces to play, move and learn.